Tuesday, March 25, 2008


We had a nice day, of course church, and then lunch at our pastor's house, with about 3 other 'family-less' families. There was ham, chicken, roast, and all the fixin's contributed by all. We stayed until about 5...Brooks had a nap, but Kenna didn't so she was out of it by the time we got home. During the sunday school hour all the kids went outside and hit pinata's to get candy. Kenna seemed a little traumatized/confused about the whole process. When all the candy fell out all the kids were running and scrambling to get it, and she just stood there like "crazy people"

The spoils of Kenna's easter egg hunt. She loved it.

Happy Easter!...a cute decoration from my mom

After coming home in the evening. Finishing off one last pinata candy.

Brooks officially started walking on Sunday. He walked across our whole livingroom when we got home. No diving or falling. He has since even mastered the bend-down-and-pick-up-toy move, and he is all over the place. Very cute!

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