Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mommy & Baby

Ok, most people say they see Brian in Brooks, and I do too on some days. But I still maintain that boy looks at least a little bit like me! C'mon they can't all reject my genes! I was watching him bounce today (his favourite thing in the world) and could really see it, so I will seek to prove it.

Me, age unknown (it's not on the picture, shame on you mom:-)

Me at 9 months

Daddy's Girl, Mommy's Boy...maybe that could be our little theme:-)



    1. Even Keeley read that last post easily. Weird.

    2. Man, does Brooks ever look like you, eh?

    3. I showed a picture of Kenna just now...he hasn't seen a picture of her in a couple of months and he STILL recognized her!

  2. well just for the record. I didn't take that picture of you....Mrs. Moyer did. She gave it to me when you were already grown so who knows exactly when it was taken. Now for the didn't have any of mine either until you were in your 20's! And besides what boy wants to admit he looks like his mother! LOL I speak from experience...what little girl wants to be told she looks just like her father...but the truth is I do...but still not too flattering to hear as a child when all I could see was the balding head. :)

  3. ...balding head...or hairy chest AND back!!!!! lolol

  4. Ok Darla, it's Thursday. Add to your blog, will ya?