Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Brown Out

Well, we experienced a brown out on Thursday evening, which has apparently killed our computer (it won't turn on anymore)...thankfully we have an old iMac which works great for internet and everything, but of course has no Word, Excel, etc. I was able to figure out how to upload my pics on here and stuff, so that's good. I really don't know much about macs (I know, shame on me), so it's been interesting trying to figure it all out. The bummer is that I was going to print out all my birth announcements and send them off next week, so we might be a bit delayed there, until I can recreate them on this. We are hoping all our information is able to be recovered. If not, most of it was backed up, but we would lose a few recent pics, but not many, so that is good news for me!

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