Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wedding Dress Fun

I saw a picture on pinterest that inspired me! It was a little girl in her moms wedding dress. She was about 3, which I think would be a perfect age, Kenna is a little old now (not so chubby and baby-cute anymore:-). BUT  I wanted to do it before she got any older...heaven knows she won't want to actually wear it for her own wedding, but we can work these pics into the slide show! :-D I just set her up on my bed and she held the dress up around her. Turned out really precious I think (and of course she loved it!). If you have a little girl, you really need to try this!...although it might only work if your dress was of a puffier style, I don't think a sheath or something would make quite as cute of a pic.

She has a cold, which I can see in her nose and eyes. Poor thing. Maybe I should have picked a better day.

**When I showed Kenna the pictures I posted, I asked her if she liked them and which one was her fave (as she was making faces at the screen)..."uh, number 1, because you can't really see my big nose" - I hadn't said anything to her about that, so it was funny that she saw it too. Haha.


  1. very cute! I may have a hard time with mine though - its strapless!

  2. Maybe when she's just a touch older she can do it...just have her hair down and have her kind of hold it up. The original pic on pinterest I saw was with a strapless dress and it was adorable.