Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sicky Icky

Well, we (Kenna, Grey & Dar) got the flu and, (Bri) random bacterial throat infection! Brooks remains unscathed, and to this day has never had a prescription for anything! However, he is the only one with stitches so far:-)

We feel quite a bit recovered today, thankfully. It was a long weekend, and a violent little bug!

Of course, I haven't taken a picture in days! I'll get back to it, and get back to posting really soon, promise!

**The day that Brian is actually fatally ill, he will get NO sympathy from me. He pranks me all the time** Here is an unedited text convo from this morning while he was at the Dr's...he went in, because we thought he had strep...

Me: Long wait? (11:02am)

Brian: Nope

Me: Good. You dying?

Brian: Mhmm

Me: Strep

Me: ?

Brian: She saw a growth, I said...Like a tumor? She asked if I smoke, said I should have come two weeks ago. Waiting for the dr.

Me: Oh great. Just what we need. More bills!

Me: Throat cancer is deadly so you better start praying! (11:08am)

Brian: (11:13am) False alarm

Me: YaY!!!!!

Me: Nurses should be careful what they say!

Brian: Yeah, I basically just made it up

Me: Lol. I wondered that. So strep?

Brian: Not sure, waiting for the doc.

**What a terrible person!!! Thankfully, I've been around his antics long enough to know... I was suspicious of prank right away this time, lol, hence the lack of reaction. Oh brother!!** Aren't we all glad I have a sense of humour? haha!! He DOES make me laugh, that's for sure. Even when he gets a smack on the bum!

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