Thursday, February 23, 2012

A New Look

Backstory: I have had a need for awhile...glasses. My glasses are 15 years old. I bought them brand new when I was 18. They are dangerously close to half my life old. And half my life of prescriptions ago. They are so bad, that they only work to get me from the bathroom and into bed each night, and back again in the a.m. Yes I am that blind. When converting my prescription from the diopter system, to the 20/20 system, my vision is 20/600, and 20/500 in the other eye (-6.50 & -5.75)...and I have astigmatism also. Go me. I don't think I know anyone with eyesight as bad as mine...not that this is something great trait that I am proud of or anything. It's a pain in the boo-tay.

I truly love my contacts and could never justify the cost of buying a new pair of glasses...since my Rx is so bad, the lenses are pricey. We got paid a pretty small amount that was owed for a job from last May. We really thought we would never get it, but when we did...

My thoughtful husband wondered how much it would cost to get me some new glasses. He wanted to use the money for that, which was so sweet. The thought never entered my mind! I was due for an eye exam in March anyway, so I did it!! I queried all my lovely facebook friends for the best and yet cheapest place to get glasses (as I still only intend to wear them "part time" - so I don't want to sink more money into them than I have too). Costco was the resounding answer!! So - for 1 eye exam, 1 pair of glasses (lenses & frames), and 6 pairs of contacts, the grand total was $296.00. Costco really was SOOO cheap by comparison to other places.

So glasses. I really hate glasses. Even though they look cool on some people, I still hate them.

I really love the dark plastic frames look that is trendy these days. In my mind, I envision a free and flowy existence, with a touch of super smart because-I-study-all-the-time. Resembling something like this:
Penelope Cruz. Don't I wish!
But I have a heavy and low brow. This causes a few issues when trying to find these frames...that don't make me look
a) like I had no eyebrows
b) like I have heavy duty uni-brow
c) like I am angry
d) like the old man from Up
Yup. Dead Ringer.
Thin wire frames make me look like Hetty King, with her glasses on. Imagine that one.
So since I had no hope of looking like this:
Megan Fox
Heck, I'd even settle for this:  !
Pretty Boy.
...I'll have to be happy (and I am very happy!) about this:
 Smiling made me look like Dr Doofenshmirtz: since I was taking pics of myself in the bathroom (kinda doofy anyway), you get serious Darla faces, but I'm always smiling on the inside...
They are as thin as they could make the polycarbonate stuff...and look how thick they are!

The first test shot. Can I do this? I'm not very good at this...

 ...and you wanna see the old ones?
(on me? no way:-) I got new ones for a reason! Notice how super scratched they are!!!


  1. So cute Dar! I love them, much better than your old ones.

  2. Looks great Darla! I love your hair :)

  3. In defense of my old ones...they were fine and cool 15 years ago, and have served me VERY well!! but yes...I love these new ones. Although since I am not used to wearing glasses, I feel like I'm high or something...everything is curvy and tippy. They said it would take two days for my eyes to adjust. So strange.

  4. I like it! I like it! I really, really like it! :)

  5. I like it! It took me longer to get used to the frameless frames than my new prescription! LOL. You do look great though!

  6. I do love your new specs! I love the way glasses look. fabulous!