Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Craves

...this is what Kenna calls crafts...craves (like leaf, leaves) :-)

I've had it on my to-do list for awhile now...make an album for our winter 2011 pics. Oh to find the time! In pulling out all my stuff to do a handprint craft for families in our little homeschool group, I decided to get some of my stuff done too. I made a great Valentines Day card, but you'll have to wait until the 14th to see that one:-)
Here are the handprint things I made. Super cute! Took forever, but worth it in the end:-)
So then I decided to make my album. I've had the idea for awhile. Similar to my double slider album...I literally created this one myself from scratch, figuring out my own measurements. I used the general idea of the slider...
...but it's a flip album, not a slider album. It is SO CUTE it makes me smile ear to ear just looking at it. Can't wait to get the pics in it (they're being printed). I won't bore you will all the pics of all the sides here, but they will be on my Stamping Blog.

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