Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Send Off

Our dear friends Josh & Melody left for Papua New Guinea yesterday. They were some of our very first best friends when we moved to this area...back when Josh was still in the Navy and the thought of full time missions was just a thought for the future. After years and years of training, the future is here! They are missionaries with New Tribes Missions, and we can't wait to hear all their stories! We will miss them so much...the next time they come back in 4 years...Kenna will be 10!! Yikes. That's a long time in kid years! Thanks to blogs, skype and facebook, the other side of the world seems a little bit closer though. We had a little send off "party" at the airport yesterday, and it was really sweet to see them off.
Sarah and Kenna - buddies.

A bunch of kids at the airport send off, including the 3 Simmons girls, Sarah, Morgan and Hannah.
We will miss you all but are so excited for your jungle adventures! Thanks for taking the Good News so far from home. We appreciate the huge sacrifices that you've made for the sake of the Lord!

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