Friday, February 17, 2012


I will be spending a little admin time on my blog in the months coming up - trying to label things better and such. Doing this because it seems any time I want to find something, I can't. Rawr. Going to see if I can come up with something helpful to me that works. If you all have any suggestion (label topics, something you try to find from the past but can't) feel free to comment and suggest away! I am pretty sure I am the only one referring back to posts from yester-year. But I guess you never know:-) Anyway, small changes coming soon - and if you have a thought, you are more than welcome to share!

Thanks all - we love our friends and family, and are very glad we can share the exciting mundane of the extraordinarily normal everyday with you!

*A few weeks ago, while being babysat*
Grey is dancing around, and Brooks asks the sitter if she video taped, he says, my Mom likes to put stuff like that on the blog.

Haha! We live to entertain! :-)

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