Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Building Project

Utter devastation. Why oh why can't you take us to 7-11 for slushee's? Because it's not summer.

I know you'd think a trip to 7-11 was an hourly occurrence around here, with the way they talk about it. But even in the summer, we only go a few of those being on July 11th for free ones!

Since they were so disappointed, they decided on "the next best thing". They would build a 7-11 in our front yard. This plan was carefully hatched (as I overheard their schemes), and would utilize all the bricks surrounding our trees and gardens. I didn't think they could actually move the bricks, so I let them scheme.

Brian's been on a night job recently, but happily, not also on a day job, so he is around during the day for the first time ever (literally, ever!), and has been able to see how our day goes and what hilarity the kids come up with...

They did succeed in a portion of their plan. One brick. It was very heavy and took them about an hour to situate, before they decided building a 7-11 could wait until tomorrow. But it was too heavy to put back, so they left it in the middle of the yard.

Brian leaves for work at 4pm, while it is still light, avoiding the brick and returns home at 11pm, in the dark, forgetting about the brick.

Brian, coming inside: I almost killed myself on the 7-11

That whole sentence just totally makes me laugh! And it also makes me happy that he knows what it is! Normally, he'd say "I tripped on a brick in the yard?!" And not know why it was there, since he hadn't been home experiencing their little adventures.

Our very own 7-11

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