Thursday, February 23, 2012

DIY: Foaming Handsoap

I saw this idea awhile ago online. Make your own foaming handsoap! In a unprecedented move, I didn't pin it, I remembered it. Shock and awe. I think it was actually before I was really into pinterest, but anyway, it was a mom type blog and she said that foaming handsoap is mostly water, and gave the following tips. I filed it away in my mental filing cabinet...and what do you know, I'm ready to put it to use!

An empty "foaming soap" dispenser (washed or rinsed out)
Normal refill handsoap of your choice (mine is a "thicker" soap with moisturizer in it). Pick one you love, you will have it until 2052, should the Lord tarry.
Put soap in the bottle. Not very much. This is likely less than 1/4 of the full bottle size? Then slowly add water until its full. Gently shake, or stir (you don't want to create too many bubbles out the top:-). And you're done!
Put some soap in the bottle, then add water
Put the lid on, and pump out some soap! Wonderful!! It's sooo easy, and a big money saver too. I do prefer the foaming soap, and the kids love it too, but it always costs more in the store (per volume), and now that we know its just watered down soap, we know it's a sham!! So glad to find another money saving tip that works!

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