Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Diet

So I started a diet a few weeks ago. I was waiting until Christmas was over...and then after Christmas came the news of TWO upcoming family weddings, so whats holding me back?! For Christmas I even got a gym membership to Planet Fitness (open 24/7 fully staffed, and the one near me is brand spanking new...for $10p/mth, cancel anytime!). The time is here to lose (current goal) 20 lbs...(ultimate goal) 40 lbs.

Now, of course I know you all are going to say that I'm nuts, and why would I ever want to be that skinny. Etcetera. I know this because that is what you all actually do tell me. And I tell you, losing 40 lbs would still have me 5 lbs HEAVIER than I was when I was 5 months PREGNANT with Kenna. I am not trying to get back to my 14 year old body or weight. I'm aiming for my 27 year old weight. Not even. But I'd be exceedingly glad with a ball park number. Basically you are all telling me I wear fat well. Complimented as I am, I've decided to put in some serious work and watch that number fall.

Problem 1. I hate exercise. Problem 2. I love food. So I am working on the exercise thing with various methods (Jillian DVD's, the gym, my treadmill). My first goal is to run 30 mins solid (at a pretty good pace) without stopping or slowing down. So far I can't, but I'm getting close. I'm a terrible runner.

Food. I am trying to stick to a paleo/caveman style of diet. So fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, and meat. I also allow myself kefir yogurt for breakfast b/c I believe it is so healthy, but otherwise, no dairy, grains, pastas, sugars etc. I've allowed a few cheats of course (trying to limit that to 1 per week).

Anyway, it's been an adjustment for sure. Much of my standard fare for a snack or lunch is a smoothie. - I really want to get into green smoothies (with veggies), and will start with my first tomorrow (with spinach) - we'll see how that goes! Anyway, I usually just dump fruit in the blender...sometimes I have a great smoothie, sometimes not. Because I am not sweetening it with anything I find it sometimes hard to get the right balance. Today I decided no more! I tinkered with my smoothie until it was perfect. Then I wrote it down. Then I made quite a few baggies for the freezer, ready to pull out and dump in the blender.
Add 1 Cup of water, and some whey protein if desired.
1/2 C blueberries
1 banana
6 strawberries
4 pineapple chunks
4 mango chunks
2 peach slices

Add 1 C of water and protein powder, (if you want). Makes 2 smoothies. I am using frozen fruit. If not frozen, perhaps less water, and add ice. Love it. A perfect blend of flavours I think! I'll have to tinker with adding in other fruits too, as I have them. And the veggies...can't wait to see if I can disguise them!
This is the whey powder I've been using. I don't have it everyday, but I really don't mind the taste at all! (it's vanilla bean)

So far, I've lost 2 lbs. Which ain't much, but it is something!!


  1. I just started on the green smoothies and they're not too bad. I've used spinach and kale and the hardest thing is getting them to chop well, but the taste is easy to mask.

    I put coconut + almond milk in my blender then add spinach and blend it really well. Then I add my frozen fruit + ground flax seed (sometimes honey, too). Pineapple is a great sweetener, too!

    Have fun!

  2. Go Darla! I really find that adding a tablespoon of natural peanut butter or almond butter to a smoothie that has greens in it helps hide the bad taste.

    Also, how are you finding eating paleo and exercising? I've eaten paleo 5 days straight, did Insanity three of those days, and by today though I had the cardio to do Insanity, I did NOT have the muscle energy for it. Not sure how to remedy that. I'll talk to my friend, who's also currently my chiropractor and was formerly my trainer I guess.