Thursday, October 27, 2011

Big Mac Sauce - Recipe

I found this recipe online, and decided to give it a try. Brian and I both have a certain weakness for Big Mac Burgers, and have been known to leave the house at 10pm, drive to McD's, and order 2 sandwiches:-) Only a time or two. When you get a craving, you just gotta! Anyway, I made this dressing in the morning and we had it for dinner, and we both thought it was a dead ringer for McD's version. So if you like Big Mac's, make this for your next cookout! - I will confess I followed this to the letter (aside from the mayo), which had me buying a thing of sweet relish, since I didn't already have it...but I think it was worth it, its very very good!!

1/4 C Miracle Whip dressing*
1/4 C Mayonnaise
2 T French dressing
1/2 T sweet relish
2 t dill pickle relish
1 t white sugar
1 t dried, minced onion
1 t white vinegar
1 t ketchup
1/8 t salt

*I omitted the Miracle Whip and used 1/2 C Hellman's Mayo, and it tasted fine.

Mix all ingredients together and let marinade for at least 1-2 hours (or longer).


  1. What's the difference between sweet relish and pickle relish?

  2. well, at least here in the US, the labels on the relish are either dill relish (tastes just like dill pickles crushed up), or sweet relish, which is more of like...dunno...the relish Grandma/my mom made/canned was sweet relish.

  3. Actually I used to make both! Do you want the recipes, Caralyn? ;)