Monday, October 3, 2011


I've decided that Kenna and Brooks are old enough to know what constitutes a real emergency, and also, that they should know how to make calls on 1) house phone 2) my cell 3) Brian's cell. So we've started working on how the different devices work, how to punch in the numbers, and memorizing all our numbers. Today we practiced more on the phones (calling my cell and the home phone back and forth), and then I introduced the concept of 911. We talked about what would be a real emergency and such. During her "homework time" (nap time) she added the new information into her hand book.

She came and asked me how to spell important. Awhile later I saw what she was doing. She put it in her "handbook" as she calls it, which is the place for things she doesn't want to forget. It's so cute, I laughed! It says 911, our phone number, then that's me, dying on the floor, and "important". LOL.
On the opposite page to that is her "Grandma list". I wrote this for her a long time ago. She wanted all the Grandma's she's ever had listed out, and then the order in which they passed away, and the two that are still living. "So I don't forget them". She recites this list often actually. It is very important for her to remember that she had 5 Grandma's when she was born, Brooks had 4, Grey had 3, and now there is only two. It's kind of a little morbid, like we're counting marbles instead of people we love dearly:-)
She added a "911" to the list too. Just in case they have an emergency.


  1. this is too funny!

  2. I think me "dying on the floor" is especially hilarious. That would be an "important" time to call 911, for sure.