Monday, October 31, 2011


On Saturday night was a Fall Party hosted by some friends. Grey was going to be a pirate. On Friday we practiced with the ponytail, eyepatch, bandana, was going to be great and he loved it! On Saturday, not so much. He kept ripping everything off and was just not in the mood. Boo.
Doing the ponytail practice...we got a little out of hand:-)

As Kenna says, if God had given us a Shaughnessy, this is what she would look like!

Kenna was a cheerleader! Someone at church gave us this costume last spring, and thought it would make a great deviation from the fall-back dressup, Princess.
Since he wouldn't keep the pirate stuff on, we snagged an extra dinosaur costume someone brought as an extra. He was very embarrassed by it, you could tell:-)

Definitely a mope-y dino!
Cheerleader turned kitty cat once she got done with the face painting!

It was a little small for him! But it was very cute!
Brooks was a Rubik's Cube

No smiles from him!
On Sunday I saw this pic in a magazine of Knox Jolie-Pitt. Grey should have dressed up as him! He's almost a dead ringer! What other boys can pull off that hair?!
It's Knox
Brian wore his favourite colour. The "I'm kelly green 'cause I'm from Ireland" shirt. I painted the word "envy" on an old black tee...
So we were "Green, with Envy" :-) This was Brian's idea and was perfectly easy!

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  1. Knox Jolie-Pitt is so cute! It sucks that Grey didn't like the pirate:( I LOVE the dino costume he is the cutest:)