Saturday, October 22, 2011

Meet Sienna

Meet the newest member of our family! We have had the incredible blessing of bartering for this van, trading Brian's construction skills/labour for a bigger family ride! While we are talking about Brian, the lover of muscle cars and sports cars and FBI-looking suv's...I think a little piece of him died yesterday as he drove off in his "neuter scooter" (as he insists it be dubbed).

So, the stats! This is a 2002 Toyota Sienna XLE, with 142thousand miles on it. I was told it was a 6 seater, but upon picking it up yesterday found out it was in fact a SEVEN seater. Yay. This gives me the ability to DRIVE places during the DAYTIME with all the kids I have hanging around me fairly consistently:-) Joy Joy Joy! A few other perks, it's all leather, which is easy to clean, and also has the tv/dvd stuff installed (aftermarket), so that is perfect for road trips! It has much more storage and all around space than our '00 Accord, which has served us faithfully since we bought it in 2004 - and is still going!

We are very very grateful to the Lord for working this great deal out for us! And very grateful for Daddy, who is putting in some work time to pay for it!

The kids are beyond thrilled to explore all the features, sliding doors that open from the "remote" and air that you can control from the back, and (Brooks' obsession) cupholders everywhere!
Picking up our new van!

First ride in the new family vehicle. They were VERY excited and happy about this new adventure!


  1. Brian's got a Swagger Wagon!!!!

    "Where my kids at?"

  2. We love that video, saw it probably a year or two ago. Lol. Now we're official!

  3. you have got to be loving having the van.

  4. We are LOVING it so far!! It's already saved the day a few times since we got it. Those extra few seatbelts are a huge deal!

  5. Now you don't need to be trapped in your house when you have Sonny & Ardyn ;)