Tuesday, October 18, 2011

About Us

We're a conservative bunch. We strive for old fashioned values in a modern age. Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder...we think we're surrounded by it. We love missions work, and hope to travel or move (missions related) one day. We love to document life and count each moment as one we'll never get back. Our aim for this blog is outlined here.

Brian: A visionary. Hates "personality" tests. Gets high if he eats white sauce at Mexican Restaurants. Has a big heart for people. Moonlights as a food critic. A fantasy sports player extraordinaire.

Darla: A laundry slave. Loves jewelry over flowers. Can't eat fruit cobbler without barfing. Must have 2 fluffy pillows to sleep. Pretends to be Martha Stewart, minus the jail time. Hates snow, but can't "feel" Christmas-y without it.

Kenna: The girl. A talker. A dancer. The kindest heart ever. Memory like an elephant. Lots of common sense and very practical. Crafty ideas. Wishes she had a sister to share a room with.

Brooks: The boy. Much smarter than he lets on. Sports, sports, sports. Superheros. The Wii. Good at French. Loves school.

Grey: The other boy. Learning new things every second. Do not wake him up early. Has already taken cues from brother and loves Spiderman and dinosaurs. Meat lover. Seems like he might be another lefty like Sister.

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  1. So great to meet you tonight! I'm so glad to learn a bit more of you through your blog. I promise to never serve Mexican Salsa Blanca or fruit cobbler if we get to share a meal.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day, fellow Irish believers! ;-)