Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

This post probably has more pictures in it, than any other single post I've done! But there were so many cute ones, I had to post them all:-)
New van set up, my 3 in back (they have the smallest carseats)

Sonny & Ardyn up front

This amazing tree fort is for goats, not people. See one walking up the ramp? All goats wish to live here, I'd imagine.

Waiting for our hayride! (With our friend Lane)


Grey LOVED the hayride. I thought he might fall over the edge from excitement! There were lots of animals to see!

Sonny in the massive pile of hay!

Hay pile with Hannah, Morgan & Sarah

What happens when you throw hay

Trying to make him look and smile for the camera. Fail.

Trying to escape out the bottom. Ardyn didn't like being cooped up, but since she can't walk (only crawl) and since the ground was dirt, she was out of luck

She got to crawl a little in the hay pile, but she didn't like it. Too pokey

He had fun, despite the sour expressions. Every time I'd turn the camera on him, he'd get all somber and bummed out, lol

Feeding goats

Sonny picked his pumpkin!

Brooks picked the dirtiest one there

Grey liked throwing them, not so much holding them

Kenna picked a Cinderella pumkin
A fun day was had by all!


  1. these are the cutest pics!!!

  2. Look at Grey's face in all the ones he's in. So cute! After his fall party stint as a pirate (ponytail needed), watch for a haircut!!

  3. He is kind of in need of a hair cut.