Friday, October 14, 2011

The Gang

This pic is another gem from my old hard drive. It was pretty much all my friends when I was a teen...this was our youth group! (A few people weren't able to come, and we weren't teens anymore...this pic is from 2001, so I was 22:-) We all went to Josh B's cottage for a long weekend and had a blast! Geoff & Lisa (older than us, married, with kids that they didn't bring - the couple on the very left of the pic) came along for the fun as our chaperones. Such fun. I learned to play Canasta this weekend, and it remains my favourite card game of all time.

Ever heard the "warning to parents"?...if not I'll tell you now. Watch your kids friends! Your children will marry their friends, so make sure they are making wise choices all the way along. Thankfully, we were all excellent people, and each of us have married very well:-) In this picture, I think everyone is married now, except John Paul, AND...there are 8 people here who married each other! Jared (my bro) & Liana, Tim & Lauren, Alfred & Rachel and Mark & Lauryn (my sis). Crazy right?!

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  1. Ok, were there...but not in this pic...I think Josh B was out on the boat taking the pic, not sure where Lauren was, but I counted her with her future husband Tim, because she was there!