Sunday, January 9, 2011

About Us

Thought you knew us? Here's some fun and little known facts about us! (not necessarily in order of importance)

We are so glad to be a family! Here are some things we enjoy, and part of what makes us...US!

Bagels & cream cheese
loving to fight over "Daddy's music" and "Mommy's music"
hockey/sports fans
"lumpy" (rippled) potato chips
sitting all together in church (no Jr. church)
banana bread with chocolate chips
the almost-ever-present collection of tools by the front door
trips to the beach
Friday homemade pizza night
movies at home...from redbox!
never-ending home improvement projects
gummy bear vitamins
dark brown hair & blue eyes
aspartame-free living
fruit bars for "1st breakfast"

And of course, we each have our own favourite things too...

Brian (aka Daddy)
Loves: the Lord, his wife, his kids, his extended family, the Drudge Report, fantasy sports, his Droid (phone), Ovaltine, playing hockey, a good haircut, watching the Rangers (hockey), the beach, good friends, deep conversations, everything bagels, New York City, working out, and Thai Food
Does not Love: distractions when on the phone, moody wife or kids (his own, or other peoples:-), pepperoni on pizza, working late, coffee

Darla (aka Mommy)
Loves: the Lord, her husband, her kids, her extended family, Big Mac's, paper crafting, blogging, frappucino's, manicures, facebook, cooking & baking, dusting, the newborn baby smell, sleeping in, brunch, cheese, Mexican food, makeup, and names & baby name books.
Does not Love: clothes on the floor, birds/insects/reptiles, being sunburned, drinking water, yard work, cleaning up after cooking & baking, off-brand Mac & Cheese

Kennedy (aka Kenna)
Loves: her class & teacher (at church), washing dishes, soft things, "puffy" dresses, fresh veggies, reading, the beach, babies, bath time, dress up
Does not Love: mustard, having her hair brushed, napping, mangos

Brooklyn (aka Brooks)
Loves: Football, pickles, jello, hockey, flip flops, nature shows, superheros, volleyball, bath time, playing outside, baseball, spiky hair & gel and grapefruit juice
Does not Love: potatoes, having his hair cut, bananas, heights, bugs
Lleyton (aka Grey)
Loves: milk, butter cookies, puffs, bath time, applesauce
Does not Love: having clothes changed, blowing nose, waking up early

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