Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Special Day

Yesterday the kids got to go on a "special day" with a friend from church (she is a paramedic). She took them to the best place ever (according to them!)...the firehouse, and Barnes & Noble! These are some pics she texted me from the excursion. They had a total blast, and were telling Brian and I *all* about the fire station. Kenna said it was LIKE a fire station, but it wasn't REALLY a fire station, because it was different than she had known about from tv and books. Mostly because it had a kitchen and room to sleep in, and I guess she thought those didn't belong:-) I told her that was definitely REALLY real, sometimes tv just shows the parts only about the trucks, not what happens at the whole station! They loved their day, and will be talking about this for a long time, I think!
The trucks were definitely a highlight!
"Driving" the truck
Getting hot chocolate at Barnes & Noble!

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