Friday, January 7, 2011

Short Story

This Short Story is a little bit of a Flashback...Life before the internet. Or blogs. Or facebook. Can you remember it? I couldn't even tell you the last time I read an actual newspaper. I get all my news online, or from the tv. But in the "olden days", there were no pictures to upload and share. And a picture really is worth a thousand words. But when you can't see one, you do your best to describe it...

In ages gone by, local newspapers would write up the stories and descriptions of engagements, weddings, and showers. Ages not too long ago, as I believe my parents had an article written detailing their wedding in their local paper, and that was 1977. I'm glad I live NOW, so I can see the pics. I have a horrible imagination, and I have no idea what jubilee crepe is, :-)

This article is copied from the newspaper clipping in the Pine Hill paper, in 1935. I copied it exactly, including spelling mistakes and typing errors. This is describing the wedding and showers of my Great-Grandparents.

Haas - Hamacher Wedding.
A pretty autumn wedding was solemnized at the Evangelical parsonage at New Hamberg at two o'clock on Wednesday, when Miss Ruby Alberta Hamacher, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gideon J. Hamacher, became the bride of Mr. Willard Allan Haas, only son of Mr. and Mrs. Elam Haas of near Baden. Rev. J. B. Dengis officiated.

The bride looked charming in a dress with jacket of navy blue triple sheer crepe with matching hat and suede shoes, and wore a corsage of Premier roses and maiden hair fern. The bridesmaid was Mrs. George O. Paff, of Lisbon, sister of the groom, and was dressed in a navy blue ensemble of jubilee crepe with matching hat and accessories and wore a corsage of Johanna Hill roses and maiden hair fern. 8he groom was attended by Mr. George O. Paff of Lisbon.

After the ceremony a reception was held at the home of the bride's parents with about fifty guests in attendance. The table was prettily decorated in yellow and white color scheme, centered with a three story wedding cake and two tall yellow candles. Four girl friends of the bride assisted with the waiting of the table. The groom's present to the bridesmaid was a silver bon bon dish and to the groom an Eversharp pencil.

The young couple left on a trip to Windsor and Detroit and also Indiana. The bride wore for travelling a brown fur-trimmed coat and rough crepe dress with shoes and hat to match.

Bridal Couple Honored.
On Saturday evening about forty members of the Wilmot Centre E.L.C.E. pleasantly surprised Miss Ruby Hamacher and Mr. Willard Haas, whose marriage took place yesterday. They were showered with good wishes and many useful gifts for the kitchen. The evening was spent playing games, after which a dainty lunch was served.

Also a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings friends and relatimes tendered kitchen and miscellaneous showers in honour of Miss Ruby Hamacher at the home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Gideon J. Hamacher, whose marriage took this week. Each respective evening was spent in games, after which lunch was served. The guest of honor received many useful and pretty gifts.

The clipping does not include the name of the writer of this article, however, their super-sleuthing investigative reporting appears to be a little off...they got married on a Wednesday, and the very next evening, which was reportedly a Saturday, they had a shower. And there are other oddities in the writing too, as you may notice. My own super-sleuthing (a copy of the hand-written wedding invitation) reveals that they were in fact married on Wednesday. And for some strange reason had to entertain guests the very next day. Glad I'm living in 2010:-)

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