Saturday, January 15, 2011

Checking off that list!

January is a good month for organization, it seems.
Went through the kids clothes...this is the pile of things to pack away and save.
I kinda hate sorting clothes. A necessary evil.
These are all the boy 0-6 months clothes Grey has outgrown. On their way to a new home, our good friends Tom & Chani just had a baby boy yesterday!

While I sort clothes, Sonny and Grey play

Just like his brother!
This drink taunts me. But I'm on a diet:-('s not real anyway. Very realistic play food that my parents gave the kids. People will come over and see a little picnic in the livingroom...keep in mind these are accurately life-sized (=huge).
Them: "Oh! ahhh, I think that is about to spill!"
Me: "You really think I'd give these drinks to toddlers?"
This one is the kicker. In their defense, this is an astonishingly realistic piece of raw meat. - aside from those little green crayon flecks anyway. - But let me ask you, do I seem crazy enough to let my 9 month old eat raw meat in the livingroom? And not to mention, HOW would he have gotten it anyway?
 Them: "Um. I think he's...." Me: "Oh he's fine. He likes to chew on that"...and it's FAKE:-)


  1. Organizing over here too! I hate the clothing also, I try to keep bins in the kids rooms to throw stuff from the season into as they outgrow it - helps a LOT! We're tackling our walkin closet right now. And I MUST know where your parents got that food!!!!

  2. Well, they met someone in Alberta that works for a place that makes fake food for restaurants. Like the food in their display windows that looks real and you wonder how often they have to replace it? It's fake, but verrrrrry scary real looking. The difference is when you pick it up, it's really heavy. Anyway, they were given a big stash of it, and all my siblings are beyond play food at this point so they passed it on to me! It is scary how often I wish there were an Einstein Bagels here, just so I can get that drink!!