Monday, September 12, 2011

Parmesan Crusted Chicken - Recipe

Well, I came across this recipe in a People magazine. So you know it has to be good idiot proof, right? It was actually on an ad page for Hellmans Mayo. Have I ever mentioned that Brian...not just Brian...ALL the Bolgers have this extremely weird fascination/addiction/obsession/*thing* for Hellmans Mayonnaise. Heaven forbid another lesser brand of mayonnaise be purchased. And if you even try to use Miracle Whip, claiming to enjoy the flavour and palate will never hear the end of it. And you'll have to eat a whole lot of potato salad alone. The tangy-ness, as Brian puts it, is the chemicals. And he doesn't eat chemicals:-)

So the very nature of this recipe alone was intriguing to me. Another point of intrigue is why Hellmans is called Best Foods Mayonnaise on the west coast. Wouldn't it be easier to just print one set of labels?

So, it's quick, it's easy, and it's delicious!

1/2 Cup HELLMANS Mayonnaise. {As a proud member of the Bolger family I will tout the family claim} I will not guarantee the outcome if you attempt to use a lesser brand. Kraft, Duke, *gasp*, store know you stink. Who would even buy you?!
1/4 Cup Parmesan cheese {We Bolgers have no particular affinity for a specific type. Knock yourself out}
4 T italian bread crumbs
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts

Mix mayo and cheese. Spread over chicken. Top with bread crumbs. Bake at 425 for 20-25 mins. Done.

Very tender and yummy! A great chicken recipe when you're in a pinch for time or ingredients! I served this up tonight with rosemary & thyme potatoes and frozen peas! It was a perfectly yummy meal and barely took any time at all to make. Note that I did cook the peas before serving them:-D


  1. Q - what is Italian bread crumbs? Plain bread crumbs with Italian spice added?

  2. LOL, what a thing you'll be telling me is that he doesn't put butter on his sandwiches!!!!

  3. um, italian style bread buy them that way. They just have spices added to bread crumbs. The label just says "italian style". Hope that helps!

  4. I'll look, just haven't heard of it before. Maybe a USA thing?

  5. could be?! Any type of bread crumb that you would use to coat/bread chicken would certain be fine, I'd imagine!

  6. We have Italian bread crumbs at No Frills...and I can find Panko bread crumbs now, too (used in Japanese cuisine).

  7. I'm going to try this tonight! And will be using THE only mayo worth using in Mark's eyes, Hellmans! So no Dar, Brian is not the only crazy one....we are forbidden from changing brands in this house too!

    And Mom, I have been able to find Italian bread crumbs at most grocery stores here (Loblaws, Sobeys, No Frills, Walmart) - so hopefully you can find them there! It adds just a little more flavour, which to me is worth it!

  8. Lauryn - what were we thinking marrying such food-opinionated men?! :-) Another must have for Brian is CONTADINA pizza sauce. He can tell the difference, even if I try to trick him! lol. Enjoy, we really liked it, especially considering the ease and simplicity!

  9. well being on the topic of food opinions...chicken breast is a tough sell on Mark at the best of times! He always says he doesn't want it because he doesn't like dry meat. In defense of my cooking abilities, never once can he say that I have served him anything but MOIST chicken, however his skepticism remains! BUT...when served with this chicken last night - he said it was surprisingly moist and definitely worth making again!

    *I did take a small precautionary adjustment in the execution of this - to prevent my husbands nightmare of dry chicken from coming true... I cut my chicken breast to make it thinner, and put some olive oil in the pan to add a bit of moisture - and of course adjusted the cooking time a bit as the thinner pieces of meat would obviously cook faster.