Saturday, September 17, 2011

Boys Room

Dreaming of another bedroom remodel! Not really, actually. Let me 'splain...THE BOYS. I will keep their room green (the same as it has been since it was Kenna's). I heart those colours and couldn't bear to change them yet.

Trying to think of what the 'contrast' colour should be. This will depend on what bedding I can find when we are ready to set up their twin bunk beds! Blue & Brown like this?
The green in there is the perfect shade!

Not sure I want polka dots long term for my little men though...:-/ Maybe just a solid black as the contrast? That would be cool I think.

As they age, I want to theme the room around something...sports is the immediate thought, since Brooks is such a sports nut. But this is some inspiration, and I think it just might come out on top in the pile of ideas.

click to enlarge, this is incredible! My brother is a phenomenal artist.
My brother Brent drew this picture years ago and gave it to me. It's stipple art...the picture is comprised of millions of dots (no lines at all, only dots). He used a regular ink pen! TALENT. It's so stunning. And it's a cowboy. What a great theme. I might have it re-framed and matted, but I love the picture. With cowboy names like Brooks & Grey, I think it could be a neat theme, with some old boots and pieces of tack or something...

There is a company my friend has used, that makes vinyl wall can customize your own sayings or letters, if you don't like theirs. Something like this might be perfect for boys, both young and old.

We ride and never worry about the fall. I guess that's just the cowboy in us all - Tim McGraw

An idea is born! Lets see where it takes us! Gathering inspiration and ideas at this point.

Here's a close up of all those dots. It took him an eternity of hand-cramping to finish this piece. It's hard to capture the awesomeness on my camera, since each dot is the size of a pin point!

Drawn by Brent Kennedy


  1. I like the cowboy idea and I like the colour of green that you have. Getting linens to carry on the cowboy theme in green might be difficult.

  2. Yes true. But thinking of starting to collect "things" for the room, and then pick a simple (essentially non-patterned, grown up) bedding sets in the appropriate accent colour??

  3. well if you do a solid colour bedding it will definitely last longer in terms of their ages. If you want to keep the green for now, you could accent with chocolate brown and even a bold blue. That should help tie in the cowboy theme as most cowboy accents you would pick up will probably be brown. The blue accents (pillow, wall decor, piggy bank etc) could give it a nice "pop". I would even throw some green back in on the bed if possible (maybe a sham/accent pillow).

  4. Haha what a lamebrain - the bedding in the pic you have is the blue I was picturing much for my "original" idea. I would work with the colours of the bedspread but not use the bedspread itself. However even using a pattern like that for throw pillows etc could be nice! Easy to change up accents as the boys age!

  5. ...and Lauryn, you're HIRED! Wanna come decorate it for me when I'm ready?!