Friday, September 23, 2011

Sick Week - Video

Sickies! We've had a strange brand of the flu, I suppose. On the weekend Kenna & Brooks were sick (barfing) in the middle of the night. Then they were fine. Monday evening Sonny threw up for his mom at home. Tuesday morning Brian threw up. Tuesday night Brooks threw up again. Wednesday night Grey threw up, and Brooks threw up. Thursday night - BARF FREE. I'm really hoping that trend continues! I got such good sleep last night!

The strange thing about this virus is that they have no fevers, and their energy & behaviour is totally normal - as is their eating - and then barf in the night. Weird. Hoping its over, however, it is nice that they aren't feeling sick with fever and aches and stuff. It's also nice that I have felt fine!

Wednesday night Grey was up quite a bit (as was Mommy), and so he was beyond tired on Thurs. He napped twice and for loooong times, and then went back to bed around 6 because he was soo tired again. He woke up around 9:30 for some snuggles. We didn't know if he wasn't feeling well, but he seemed fine. After a few snuggles he went back down and slept until 7am, yay!
"computer" time with Daddy

Also watching Person of Interest on tv, while "emailing" with Barbie

Waving good bye to Daddy this morning
Grey loves to run! He will literally run around the Jumperoo as long as Ardyn is in it. It's quite entertaining for her:-) This is from earlier in the week, maybe Monday. I am just now getting around to editing it for time and posting:-)

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