Thursday, September 8, 2011

Reading, another year

Both Kenna and Brooks have never been quite content to read the words on the page. Apparently "Cat sat" is not enough of a story. I encountered this with Kenna last year, and thought it was cute. Now that Brooks is doing the exact same thing this year (same books/curriculum), it's hilarious.

So Cat sat becomes "Caaaat sssssaaat, on the couch!" and Dan at bat becomes "Daaaan swung the bat" and Dan ran is "Daaaaan rrrran around the bases".

Read the words on the page please. Do you think you know how to read the word swung? I think not. Stick to the facts Boy.

His reading has "clicked", and since the start of school on Tuesday has already advanced from "at words" to "an words" and has read 3 readers/stories. WOW. He was on the "at words" all of last year! He was just too young, obviously (at age 3), to understand how to blend sounds together. After on again off again trying last year, and a summer off, boom. He's got it! Four years old and ready to read!

Remember this pulling-teeth-like reading from last year? Praise the Lord, its not like that anymore! What a cutie.

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