Sunday, September 18, 2011

Barthing and Barthing

Saturday night I went to a benefit gala with my friend Chae. Her hubby is deployed, so I was her +1. It was really fun, I borrowed one of her fancy "ball gown" type dresses, and she paid for us to get our hair done too! It was really nice, relaxing and we ate amazing food! Then when I got home (around 11:30), and was almost asleep (midnight)...Kenna barfed in her bed. Ick. Baths. Laundry. Then Brooks barfed around 1, and then Kenna had another one around then too (thankfully in the bucket!). Joy joy joy.

So we obviously had to skip church, Brian was also feeling "off", but the kids were acting normal by the morning. To burn off some energy and not share our germs we went to the Botanical Gardens for the morning. Fun family times.

Kenna, describing her "wake up call" in the middle of the night...: I just started barthing, and I couldn't stop! I was barthing and barthing
Brooks, pay attention!

Odd poses with the two in the back, and Grey's one piece is stuck in his leg fat. Aren't we a lovely crew.

Hitching a ride!
The kids had such a fun day with Daddy! (even though he wasn't feeling 100%, he was a good sport!). We came home for NAPS! We all slept well:-) Here's hoping we're done with the sickies!
Getting treated by Daddy!

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