Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Boy

One night recently, it seems literally overnight, our baby grew into a boy.

He thinks burps and toots are hi-larious (and loves to make the sounds). He thinks throwing everything is fun. He wants to colour and read books. He wants to do chores with the big kids. He will only eat if he's using cutlery (that would be silverware, my American friends), no more fingers. He likes to sing and "beatbox" with the big kids.

He has a new nickname, Lleyt-Lleyt. As far as we can tell, he's always on time, so far:-) We still call him the Baby though too. I wonder if that will stick forever?
Lleyton Grey - will be 18 months old on Sept 21st
There's one thing we need to do, but haven't...given him a boy haircut. I know the moment that happens, it will be Insta-Boy, as far as his face. And there is no going back from that point. He'll be grown up forever.

So we'll keep his shaggy baby hair just a little bit longer I think.

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