Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tarzan Baby - Video

Well, we've noticed lots of changes in our baby the past few weeks. He's not so much a baby anymore (sooo sad!). He's growing up quickly! On December 22nd we noticed his FIRST TEETH popped through (2 bottom, middle). Finally!! You still can't see them, but you can feel them. He was 9 months old on the 21st.

He's become very fast at crawling too, and also pulling up. Brooks got Disney's Tarzan for Christmas from his cousin Vienna. The very first time we saw it, we said, that's Grey! Doesn't he look just like him?
Awww, it's Grey, all Disney'd up!

Brian has always called Grey the Vanilla Gorilla, ever since he was born.

And the pièce de résistance, incase you had any doubt. This is how Grey crawls! See the videos for proof!
Like I mentioned, Brian has called Grey the Vanilla Gorilla ever since he was born. Just today I googled it, to see just what Vanilla Gorilla actually means. Here's proof that Brian is up on all the hip terms these days, and I am a clueless housewife. The urban dictionary describes it like this "a caucasion male, who is large in stature and body language. Actions are sometimes brutish but considered favorable in popular culture. females find the vanilla gorilla's actions and persona to be attractive. other males wish to emulate the Vanilla Gorilla. He is often found in muscle car and motorcycle circles as well as at auto racing events.The vanilla gorrilla is often the hub of activity at any event; considered to be cool and the man on the scene." LOL! Now isn't that just our big little man? Aside from the muscle car thing, however, he really does like to chew on toy versions. Hmmm. He certainly has the large, attractive and cool thing down anyway. Cutie.

Crawling on his feet, like his alter-ego, Tarzan. He's never used his knees. He is wearing 12mth pj's...almost too small!

And he's pulling up like crazy now too! One thing about Grey - he is not easily enticed. You can dance on your head, and if doesn't want to come, he won't. He only seems to move when HE wants to.

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