Monday, December 20, 2010

Debut Performance - Video

Kenna had a little line in the children's portion of the Christmas play at church last night. She has been practicing constantly. We've been working specifically on enunciation and inflection. She sure does inflect-it-up! She took the very minor role in a very serious way. So cute. End result was a very clearly stated line:-) There weren't very many 4 year olds with lines, and I think she's likely the smallest of the 4 year olds anyway, she looked so small up there!

She delivered her line perfectly, and everyone laughed/cheered for her when she was done, just because it was so cute! Here's her 15 seconds of fame. "E is for the eastern star that shined so clear and bright"

The first thing she when she saw the video this morning was "That is not my voice! I don't sound like that!" I had to explain that our voices sound different to us than they do to others:-)
Here is some more of the skit...
And Happy New Year!