Thursday, December 16, 2010

Brian & Darla

Brian and Darla were both born in 1979.
Darla is 3 months and 8 days older than Brian.

Brian is 10 inches taller than Darla.
{these facts are very important to Kenna - Boys can be younger, but still taller, than girls}

Brian met Darla in 1998, in Indianapolis, Indiana, during a Christmas Conference for the Institute in Basic Life Principles (and the Advanced Training Institute).
{Darla doesn't remember this *incredible encounter*}

Darla met Brian in 1999, in Oak Brook, Illinois, at the IBLP/ATI headquarters.
{Brian reminds Darla of their previous introduction = blank stares}


Brian and Darla began dating in October 2002, and were engaged on December 28th, 2002.
Brian moved from Balston Spa, NY to Fairport, NY (Rochester area) in January 2003.

Engaged! In Central Park, NYC
Brian and Darla were married in June 2003 in the Toronto area, and lived in Fairport, NY where Brian worked as an inside salesman for Promark Electronics. Darla had to give up her job in accounting (in Toronto), when she moved to the USA.
In June 2004, Brian and Darla moved from NY to Virginia, and Brian traded in his white collar job for a blue collar one. There have been lots of jobs since then. {Details are boring}. In the end, the bills get paid and everyone loves what they currently do.

Brian has always had better hair and taken longer showers than Darla.

Lots of people say that Brian and Darla look alike.{Darla thinks she's just a liiiiiiiittle bit better looking though}

Brian is very sarcastic. Darla is very gullible. Darla is not sure how great this really is. Brian is not sure how smart Darla really is.

Brian and Darla will argue about music radio stations forever.

But they will love each other longer than that.

Brian and Darla are living their fairytale. Minus a few pesky details like a castle and a pizza restaurant {again, details are always so boring}.


  1. I think you look like a princess in your wedding pic:) Princess Darla! Wait until I show Laney.

  2. It was the tiara. And maybe the white dress too:-)

  3. So cute :) I love your story telling abilities!! :)