Friday, December 10, 2010

If I Die Young

My mom mailed me some jewelry my Grandma left for me in our Christmas package (my Christmas gift from Grandma this year), which arrived earlier in the month. Kenna was in awe at it's beauty:-) She wished SHE could have this beautiful jewelry. So I told her when I died I would leave it for her. Big mistake. This was over dinner (Brian was at work), and the entire dinnertime conversation was immediately turned to the occasion of my eventual death, and what we would do. And it went something like this: (these are pretty much exact quotes as I recall the conversation, it's just somewhat abbreviated, since the whole thing was over 20 minutes of talking and explaining the same things over and over).

Kenna: But if you died when we are children then who will take care of us?
Me, snickering at her differentiation of "when we are children": Well, I hope that I can live until you are 85, but if I die, Daddy will take care you.
Brooks, who was very jealous of the fact that he would not be getting a necklace: When Daddy dies maybe he could give me a boys necklace
This placed a horrible thought in Kenna's head
Kenna: But what if you both died? Who would watch us and give Grey Grey his bottles and stuff?
Brooks: ummmm, Who killed our Grandma?
Me: No one killed her, sometimes our bodies get sicknesses
Brooks: Well WHO gave her the cold? (They seem to think she died from a cold, because she coughed a lot)
Me: Sometimes our bodies get sick on our own, and we don't catch it from anyone, and that's what happened to Grandma. She had cancer, and it made her sick in her chest, but she didn't have a cold.
Kenna: But if you are both dead then we just won't know what to do
Me: You won't be left alone, if we are both dead then all your aunts and uncles will take care of you because they love you.
Kenna: But they live in Canada, how will they know you're dead? We just can't go to Canada we don't know how
Me: They'll come here and get you and take you back
Kenna: But how will they know you're dead, if you're dead you can't tell them to come get us
I was going to tell her the police would take care of it...but I thought better of my "joke", knowing it would cause innumerable concerns for the poor child
Me: We'll call them before we die, and they'll come visit us like we did to Grandma
Kenna: Oh

So FAMILY, this the plan: Take note, please. My children are very worried, lol!

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