Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas is Coming!

The stockings are hung on the "mantel" with care...

It's coming soon!!

Nativity set up. I still would like the cresh for this set...someday!

A little tree, made out of a pinecone by my Grandma Shantz

Christmas wouldn't be complete without a tacky light up snowman. I think it was the Bolger kids when they were young. The kids love it.

Love this little tree. My mom gave it to me before I was married, and it's come to such good use each year. One year, our first in Virginia, it WAS our Christmas tree!
ta-da! The kids had a BLAST putting up the ornaments. I put up as many from my Grandma as I could. It's nice to remember her this time of year, she always loved to put extra touches on the season, that made it so special for us, like her advent calendars and homemade ornaments.
I made a little Christmas decor to replace my butterflies for the season. Cute. Only took about 30 minutes, too.

Guess who can crawl? Guess who can't stop pulling lights off the tree?

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