Sunday, December 5, 2010

Grey's Team!

Grey's keepsake gift from my parents has arrived. Isn't it adorable?! My mom like to give a keepsake gift to each grandchild when they are born, necklaces/lockets for the girls, and jerseys for the boys. There are quite a few fans of different sports (hockey, football, basketball and baseball) in our family, so it's such a NEAT idea. Our little branch of the family prefers hockey, so Brooks has a Rangers jersey (and his namesake Grandpa, -James-, is a Rangers fan), and Grey gets a Leafs jersey (and his namesake Grandpa -David-, is a Leafs fan) I think it just happened to work out that way, and how perfect!! I wonder what team we would get if we ever had another boy? Just no Devils jersey's (hah!). Leave it to my mom to think of something creative.
The new jersey with the "C'mon Dad, it's time" picture my brother framed for me before I was even married. Perfect for my boys, even though they don't yet know how to skate (or even walk in Grey's case:-)

Brothers, born in '07 and '10. They have no choice but to be avid hockey fans growing up in this house, and with these jersey's as decor in their room! They don't hang side by side in the decor, just for the pics so you can see:-)

Brooks' still fits him, just barely. I'll need to get a pic with them both dressed up, while I still can. Go Leafs Go! (They are MY team too!)

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  1. For the record....if you have boy#3 I will be buying Chicago Black favorite team when I was a kid! ;)