Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Update - Video

Some of the joys disadvantages of living in a warm climate...the bugs and the lizards! On Friday when I went to take the trash out in the afternoon, a lizard scurried across my front porch steps right in front of me. Time to move. Not an hour later, another neighbour called my brother in law Dale to come over and get a snake OUT OF HER HOUSE. GAHHHHHH!!!! I guess we can say {thankfully} it was only a baby snake. BUT IT WAS IN HER HOUSE! He brought it over for the kids to examine. It thought it was a king cobra, coiling up and hissing/lurching at them peering into the bucket. I pray this never ever happens to me. Or that Dale is home to rescue me! Yikes.
The Ssssssnake!
The first tooth of the family is about to be lost!
First loose tooth, with the big one coming in behind. A milestone for Kenna!
He still loves stealing shoes
Gorgeous Grey

I little note I found cleaning up Sunday night. I am not sure who wrote it, but it's too precious! "I love you God"
Soccer got rained out on Saturday. It wasn't very rainy here in Norfolk, but we play in Chesapeake, and I guess it was much worse there. The kids were really bummed, of course. Instead of soccer, we went downtown to visit one of Brian's jobsites. It's a "high end" remodel of an office space (accounting office) - it's really nice - like granite counters and custom mahogany walls!! Anyway, they are almost done, and in the clean up phases right now, so Brian had to basically clear out some trash and stuff in prep for the cleaning people coming. The kids always love seeing what Daddy's been up to, and this building is right downtown Norfolk, overlooking the water and the Wisconsin.

On the way home from the work-visit, we were following Brian back. Brooks declared, "We should beat him!" (meaning "race him/beat him home"). Grey immediately put his dukes up, and said, "yah, lets beat him!" - It was adorable, and I realized I had my camera in my purse, so I started videoing him in the rearview. Yes while driving, hah! I wasn't looking at the camera, just holding it up there...but it's too funny and cute, despite the poor camera work!

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