Saturday, October 20, 2012

House Updates

Well there are about to be some exterior changes to our house going on!! It needs a little up-keep/tlc/work on the outside parts, so we're trying to get them done while we still have warm weather on our side.

Kenna, upon learning of our decision to re-paint the house...a new colour (!), was deeply saddened. She can't stop talking about how much she adores yellow houses in fact. Too bad for her:-) I found the following note set out with a pen so we could circle our choice. Unfortunately for her, we had already purchased the blue paint. Brian is a big fan of the dark blue houses. And when Daddy pays for it, he gets to pick it out:-)
Mom and bad. I dot wot a blue haw house i wot a yello. Yes No. Kenna

this morning Brian removed the shutters from the front so we can repaint them, and power wash the house in preparation for painting
 The back porch we had...we took it down (the roof/ceiling/overhang part). It was in ill repair from old age and wasn't really fixable, so we removed it. New siding and stuff is going up now (see it?)
Scaffolding in place for the siding repairs
 Stay tuned for pics of the work in progess!

This is the colour we did on our rental house SW's Regatta. I do love it a lot, but wanted something a touch "smokier" for our larger 2 story house

This is the colour we are doing on our current yellow house...Sherwin Williams Rainstorm. We have white trim everywhere, with 2 yellow (bright-ish?) front doors :-)

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