Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Birthday! - Recipe

Today is May's 1st birthday! While she was on her morning nap "we" (the big kids) decided she needed cupcakes with pink icing. I don't have a lot of icing sugar on hand, so I turned to Pinterest. This recipe seemed like a winner. And it is. The only downfall....the only jello I had on hand that was pink was strawberry banana flavoured. I would have preferred regular strawberry or cherry. Oh well. It's what happens when the kids pick out the jello flavours:-)

JELLO ICING (check out the link, she has lots of tips for making it turn out beyond the actual recipe)

3 oz pkg of jello (fave flavour)
2/3C white sugar
1 egg white
1t vanilla

Place ingredients in a glass or metal bowl of a stand mixer (with whip attachment) and turn the mixer on high just as you add 1/2C boiling water. Whip on high for 5 minutes and you get this:

Happy Birthday May!

Ardyn decided the best course of action for dealing with her cupcake was to bathe in it

The kids decided it was like a cloud on their tongue

Yummy Sonny!

May didn't get a cupcake (I'll leave that -and the mess- up to her Mommy!), But I did give her a birthday lick of the icing:-)

What else to do with the leftovers but this? :-)

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