Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Car Shopping

We were given the rental vehicle until Oct 19th - so the race is on!! We are shopping for the best all around deal that suits our needs - either buying something older like we had and owning it outright, or getting something newer (likely in the '06-'09 range - still technically old, but we consider this new, coming off an '02:-) and having a small payment. Praying God shows us the best vehicle for our family in a timely fashion. Until then, thoroughly enjoying that amazing rental:-) Very thankful for insurance when it's needed!
Kenna & Brooks' new car seats have been purchased. Grey's will arrive on the 15th.
Since we have 8 seats in the rental, we can go places - we got rained out of our intention to go to the pumpkin patch, so we hit up the mall's play place instead:-)

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