Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hurricane Weekend - Video

We started off the weekend by playing a double header in Soccer (a pic of that on my twitter feed). It started raining and getting really windy during the second game (which was at noon). So we stayed in...I had done lots of shopping on Friday to prepare for loss of power (lots of bread and peanut butter, haha!!) - oh wait - we DID go out to bowl on Saturday night, Lauren watched the kids, and we enjoyed a spur of the moment little date - a first in...well, years, probably. We usually just do date nights in:-)
We played lots of games together, like Chess,

And redneck Checkers

And Hungry Hippos

And football
We watched football too on tv, but the HD was out, and only regular cable worked. Haha #firstworldproblems
And we "camped out" together at night

And we filled the tub with water in case it was needed

And had jugs of water ready to go for drinking (as well as bottled water in the fridge & freezer)

Reading together

Watching movies together...
All in all, it was an ok time - for us. Daddy was rained in due to flooding, and schools were canceled, so we got a nice 3 day weekend in there, with lots of together time, naps, and adult fellowship in the evenings with our local friends (who are also neighbours:-)
This is what the scene looked like in our yard on Sunday. It was very windy and rainy. But we came through just fine. In our opinion, the storm was not as severe as Hurricane Irene last year, or as the Nor'easter the year before that...but it was still bad...

Our neighbourhood is not low-lying, thankfully. There are others on streets that are completely flooded. This is one shot of Norfolk. There are places worse than that. So some people didn't fair as well as we did, with cars and houses being destroyed. I don't think anyone was killed in our specific area, but Sandy has claimed quite a few lives along her path.

We did lose power last night (Monday), it went out at 9:30ish, and so we went to bed, hopeful that it would be on by morning. It came back on around 1am (had to get up and turn everything off!), and so power workers were obviously working very hard to make sure that everyone was taken care of and not without power for long. Thank you for your hard work! It made our day today much easier to live, that's for sure;-)

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