Friday, May 11, 2012

Wii Cake

We've held Brooks birthday cake off until we have more people to celebrate with (and eat it up, so I don't!). Tonight is a homemade pizza party with Sam, Heather and their girls, we can't wait. Brooks' cake this year is reflecting a current love/obessession
Can you tell what I'm making?
I used the fondant I saved from my fondant demo last week. It gets hard when it sits, so you have to really knead it to get it back to original consistency.
Now can you tell? :-) I rolled little balls out of fondant and pressed them flat with my thumb. Super hi-tech.
Each time I make a cake, I like to purchase 1 thing to add to my arsenal of cake decor supplies. That way it's not a huge expense each time. For the Angry Birds cake, I bought a small off set knife...
For this cake I bought edible markers! $5.00 at Walmart. Can't wait to see what fun we have with these babies.
I made a Duncan Hines French Vanilla and added a few of my own sprinkles (funfetti). I baked it in a REALLY large "lasagna" style pyrex pan my Grandma gave's the biggest one I have but doesn't have measurements on's about 14x? So once cooled, I leveled the cake and cut it in half, and stacked one on the other.
I decided to use the old style of remote so I didn't have to write "with Wii motion inside" on it too or whatever in an arch. We have a few "old" remotes someone gave us. Perfect.

For the main part of the fondant I made a new batch - since it's so cheap to make and I didn't want to do all that kneading of the harder stuff - so this was easier!
It turned out pretty good I think! Can't wait to EAT it!

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  1. Happy Birthday Brooks!
    It looks wii'll good!
    And I know it tasted good too! :)