Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Brooks is 5!

Happy Birthday Buddy! We can't believe five whole years have passed since you made your speedy entry into the world. We love you more than words can say. Your tender heart, enthusiasm for life {and complete terror of bugs} keep us smiling every day.
He chose Trix for his birthday cereal
Since his birthday is on a Wednesday, we'll do a cake and "combo party" with Daddy next week since it's Brian's birthday in eight days too:-) But today, we'll take some cute cupcakes in to Cubbies to share with the class. (We really can't skip - Kenna is *thisclose* to finishing the extra credit book!)
The minions are coming!

'Spicable Me cupcakes.

Taste testing some of the "uglies" for me, since I'm on a diet

I think they taste alright:-)

He bit into the Twinkie and said "Look Kenna, they have white blood!"
These were inspired by pinterest. I used a normal cupcake, top that with half a twinkie, use Smarties (US folks) or Rockets (Canadian folks. It's the same powdery candy. Different name. White ones only), and black icing for the eyes, or just buy Wilton's premade "googly" eyes. Use chocolate sprinkles for the hair, and that's about it!


  1. Happy Birthday Brooks!!!! I LOVE you:)

  2. I saw those cupcakes ... they were so cute!! Happy Birthday Brooksie <3