Monday, May 28, 2012

DIY: Swimmies

Well, this is not really a "do it yourself", but it IS a big money saver, so we'll count it as DIY:-)

Swimmie diapers. Oh so necessary, and yet, so VERY VERY expensive. Especially if you are in a beach area or have a pool where you are getting in the water constantly...these things just ain't cheap!

But did you know you can wash them?! Yes, WASH THEM! They do not absorb water, soooo...they are perfectly able to be washed and re-used. I am talking about clean diapers here, (water and possible pee only). Throw the poopy ones away, gross. But any clean diapers, toss in the wash, and you can dry them in the dryer, or if you remember, pull them out and let air dry. You will get about 5 uses out of each swimmie diaper, instead of one. If you air dry them, you will get 5 to 7 uses. If you dry in the dryer, I'd say about 4 uses. You'll know when they've had it - they will get stiff and "crunchy" feeling, then it's time to toss them.

This is an AMAZING money saver! The first diaper is brand new, never worn. The middle diaper has been washed once, and air dried. The last diaper has been washed 4 times, and I believe dried in the dryer 2 of those times. I will probably be able to use it 2 more times if I air dry it.

I throw them in the washing machine with all my regular clothes, use normal soap (I do not use fabric softener, so I can't vouch for that). No special treatment at all. I do not use dryer sheets normally, so I don't know how/if they are good for this.

This will save you a few hard earned dollars!!

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