Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sinus Infection

Grey has had a cold for over a week now, but on Saturday night, things took a turn for the worse...he developed a fever and cough. Still feverish and coughing on Sunday, so we skipped church. By Sunday night he was positively miserable. He didn't want to be put down, and didn't want to be held either. His little face was more pathetic than I've ever seen on my kids before. He looked awful! So Monday we were off to the Dr's! He has a sinus infection:-( Poor baby. Now on Wednesday, he's quite a bit improved from Monday, but still has a fever and is not quite back up to 75%. We're hoping he's back to 100% by tomorrow with no fever!
He literally couldn't open his eyes more than little slits.
Here's a pretty tame moment from Monday most of the day he insisted on being held and cried the whole time anyway. I felt so bad for him. Even Tylenol and Ibuprofen wouldn't take the fever away completely.

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