Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Well, we love 3 day weekends. Especially ones where Daddy is OFF work! Fun! Basically...we hit up the beach every single day. It was glorious. These pics are from today (Monday)
Game: Kick the floatie. He really is turning into a big water baby!! He loves to go in the water
We love to go from 4:30 to 6:00. The weather is still gorgeous, but you miss the heat of the day, and don't need to worry about burning/sunscreen so much.
Beach Scene. We went to our fave, Chicks Beach. Brian, Kenna and Brooks are way out there, can you see them?

The big kids love to get thrown and are working on doing a back flip while in the air

"I doody" (dirty). He loves to go wash off his hands in the "Osh" (short for Ocean)

Building sandcastles is Kenna's expertise...the boys are the "wet sand" fetchers

My handsome boy

Tried a self portrait, and it was really zoomed in...but turned out alright, actually

Home for a grilled chicken sandwich! 393 calories for the whole thing, bbq sauce, Caribbean jerk marinade, bun, and all! My weekend splurge...sauce!! It was sooo good!

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