Saturday, May 5, 2012

Blast from the Past - Video

Sometime after my Grandma passed away in October 2010, I was listening to all the old messages on my home phone and deleting them (this was likely in June of 2011 or so)...and I came across one that made me cry instantly, but also made me happy instantly. And I couldn't delete it, of course! A message from my Grandma. I was thinking about it the other day...what if something happens to my answering machine/phone, or what if I accidentally delete it someday? Tragic. So I saved it by way of video. I doubt I'll ever forget her voice, but it's such a nice reminder anyway. Her birthday would have been this month - she is dearly missed!!


  1. a great idea to video the phone so the recording of her voice can be preserved.

  2. oh wait, the video is not posted. Let me fix this! This is what I get for scheduling ahead time.:-)