Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Crazy Life History

The "title" of my blog. Do you know where it comes from? You probably think I randomly just picked it, and it sorta suits my helter-skelter life, right? Well. There IS a back story. {And isn't there always?}

On my 16th birthday (1995) I called into my local radio station in Toronto (CISS fm), and requested my favourite song at the time "Ships That Don't Come In". Ultra depressing. But I loved it. And they'd already played it, so I was out of luck (darn no-repeat workdays!), so they played another song for me...Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life) by Pam Tillis.

So that was that. In 2006 when personalizing my Franklin Covey planner (nice Christmas present!), I was thinking of my title. They wanted a title for my planner. What's my title? Darla's Planner sounds stupid. I thought perhaps Larger Than Life (a la Backstreet Boys) could be a good fit. If referring to my personality. Otherwise it just makes me sound fat. Ok, it's out.

The anthem thrust upon me by an unknowing radio host came back to mind and seemed most appropriate. My Crazy Life. Yes, it is.

My life has been both extremely ordinary and everything but.

So when I started my blog in 2007, there was no doubt in my mind that My Crazy Life would encapsulate everything about...my crazy life. Too perfect. And the theme I have going along with the crazy, is Don't Blink. Although I am generally not a huge Kenny Chesney fan, I have yet to come across a song that lyrically conveys the message I am going for, so succinctly.

This blog is a scrapbook of us. Because life goes by faster than you'd think.

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