Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Welcome Home

Lauren gets to come home from the hospital today, from her surgery on May 24th. For those that are not on facebook (and may not know the story), here is a re-cap. Brian's sister Lauren had to have surgery on both femurs as a result of wear and tear and damage over time to the bones (Hypophosphatemic Rickets). Bone scans revealed that both femurs had stress fractures, so they did a surgery to insert steel rods into each femur to support the bones, which should be good for life!

The surgery was a little more complicated than they'd hoped for (a supposed 3 hr operation turned into more than 6 hrs), and then she was not able to leave the hospital right away, since she needed 2 units of blood etc. Just normal setbacks and complications from surgery, but a little disheartening none the less. The left leg was 75% cracked when they went in, and the right leg broke as they were doing their thing (and they had thought the right leg was not as bad). Poor thing. So grateful for these amazing surgeries! She's a tough one!! She's been dealing with the pain of these fractures for 2 years, thinking arthritis or something was setting in!

So she'll be home this afternoon and on the mend! Mom B and Meghan are here to help with everything. The Doctors promise she'll be up and running (literally) much before her wedding. There are no plans to delay the Aug 4th date, she should be good to go by then. YAY.

Nothing like a little chalk graffiti to welcome you home:-)
A decorated ramp

"Welcome Home Noni"

Kenna signed my name "mom" - because I wrote it:-)

We {heart} you

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