Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Greg House

I am long over due for a post about baby names! I recently had FUN helping a friend narrow down her name choices and with her permission will share a bit about that in another post. It was a complete blast to name someone elses kid, let me tell you!

Anyway, since this week marks the end of one of my favourite all-time tv series {House}, I thought I'd do a little tribute post.

Gregory House, MD. Hugh Laurie is one of my favourite actors, stemming back to his days as Wooster, from Jeeves and Wooster.
I named my son after a tv character. Not really. But actually...kinda, yah. I did:-) Inspiration comes from everywhere, I tell you.

With baby number 3, the girls name was decided on from day one. Shaughnessy Alea (Shaunie). And for the boys name...a little more tricky. The almost-used runner up from the first boy naming experience was Lleyton. It was my first choice for Brooks, but Brian won out. So it was my turn. Lleyton is perfect. (And the spelling is inspired by Lleyton Hewitt, an Australian tennis pro).

Since we have already determined a "theme"...each of our sons will be named after a family member for their 2nd middle name. We used one Grandpa's name for the first boy (James), and now it was time for the other Grandpa's name (David).

That left us with Lleyton Something David. A good start. Since Brooks' birth I had fallen in love with a new name...Greyson/Grey. I loooove it. Lleyton Greyson David sounds great on the tongue, goes perfectly with Brooklyn Carson James and I unofficially thought that would be my next boys name. and maybe with another theme going on - middle name with a "son" in it.

When I got preg, I wrote it down. Trouble. Lleyton and Greyson have too many of the same characters. It looks dumb. But I don't like Layton, Leighton or Grayson as alternative spellings, so what am I to do?

We came up with another name that could work - Judson. Lleyton Judson David works just fine. But I keep coming back to Grey. I just love it sooo much. We were at an impasse for many months. I was determined to have a perma-nickname for the baby, since the other kids have one. Jud/Jude was fine. I do really like it. But Grey...My Lleyton Grey just sounded so perfect.

I came very close to abandoning my choice of Lleyton, so I could keep Greyson. And I was on the hunt for what else Grey could be short for, if not Greyson, so I could keep Lleyton. It was a race against time.

Then I saw House. He was standing in front of his office (glass walls/door), and his name is written across the glass. His head was blocking the way, so all you could see is Gre.....y House. WHA??

I *knew* I'd found it the moment I saw it. I don't know why it never occurred to me before. Brian was working late. The minute he came home I said, I found it. Gregory. I knew he'd go for it, as his style is less adventurous than mine, and Gregory is quite a normal name.

It is also the name of my Uncle Greg, who was killed in an industrial accident when he was 18 years old. I was 18 months old at the time. It is also the name of Brian's cousin, who he really looks up to.

Lleyton Gregory David - Lleyton Grey - Grey. Perfect. It only took about 35 of the 40 weeks to find the perfect name. Not too bad:-)

Thank you House. I owe you big time.

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