Monday, May 23, 2011

Piggy Banks!

The kids are getting older and earning money now. Look what I made for them to help sort out their money! Three little milk cartons, "spend", "save", "give". It's never too early to start teaching them what to do with the money they work hard for!!

Brooks' is the bolder coloured one, Kenna's the more feminine one. Grey doesn't get one, he thinks money is food. They are SOOOO cute!
They are easy to add money into, through the little spout, and then, in case the bills are tricky, I left the top "open" by closing it with the small clip. Can't wait to start using these! (Just made them Sunday night)
Early Saturday morning K & B were outside picking up more pine cones to earn more money to spend at the store. They each had $5 to spend!! From now on, we'll be splitting it all up, so they can't spend it all:-) Here they are will their spoils!
I am nice to the cashier, by trading out the thousands of pennies for 1 bill at home:-)

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